The Place for Homeownership Hopefuls

Getting into the starter home of your dreams!

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I started up this new community because after several unsuccesful attemps to find communities closely focused to this topic. This is a new community for all those whose dream is to own their own home and stop paying rent. It's for those who want to say "this is mine," not, "I live here." It's dedicated to the struggle of scrimping and saving, working hard, and having the goal of ultimately having something worth having.

Anyone can join who ultimately wants to purchase a home of their own. This community is for everyone, married, single, straight, gay, young, old and everything in between. It's a place for positive support in acheiving a mature and noble goal. Vent your frustrations, share your good news, post pictures of homes and communities you could see yourself living. Sometimes all a dream needs is a little support and possitive reenforcement.

Everything is game here, from the financial to the emotional aspect of getting to homeownership.

The only rule here is to keep it comments and responses positive and supportive, and your criticism constructive. Evenone has enough negativity to face in achieving their goals already.

Go to work people!