My other car is a robot! (tckma) wrote in starterhomehope,
My other car is a robot!

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Does anyone have any ideas for how to paint DryLok™ behind an oil tank? Do they make a special 90o paintbrush for this purpose?

My basement used to flood during every rainstorm. I painted the walls with DryLok™ and all is generally well. However, on days with very heavy rains, or days when it rains on top of ice so the water has no place to go (like today), my basement still gets about half a bucket full of water in it. The places where the water appears to be coming in are behind the oil tank, and behind the built-in workbench: the two places where I found it impossible to paint with DryLok™

Any suggestions? The best thing I've come up with is don't keep cardboard boxes or electronics on or near the floor in those areas.
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