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More pictures

We went to the house again yesterday and took some of our friends and family through it. I took a bunch of photos of the inside.

The spare room will probably not get painted as it looks nice and clean with the white walls and and wood accents. The ceiling needs to be re-painted white. I think bookshelves might go in this room, along with our foreman grill, so it would easily be rolled onto the deck, and perhaps a chair for reading in.

I’m not exactly sure what to do in the bathroom. It looks nice as is but it’s not really our style. Suggestions?

The kitchen also looks okay. I think I would like to paint it but I don’t know what color or anything like that. It would have to be a color that goes with dark green (the island and floor) and tan/sand (the countertop). Suggestions?

We’ll be the leaving the mudroom decorated as it is but adding more coat hooks.

I think I would like to paint the living room a nice, natural green. Not a sage green, though I do like that color, but a lighter, spring-ier green. Perhaps like a celery or celedon. The couch would look great next to that. It’s a nice, open, bright, happy color and I think that some prints of my photography would look great against it as well. Fitting our computers, TV and couch in this room might prove to be a challenge due to all the doors but we’re up to it.

What a cute little kids room, eh? But we don’t have any little kids and have no use for it, so it is getting painted over. I’d like to go for a nautical theme in this room since we have a bunch of ship-themed items like an actual ships wheel, many pictures, paintings and plaques, a captains bell and so on and so forth. I was thinking I could freehand paint waves on the walls (two different colors of blue (kind of like it is now), darker on bottom and lighter on top with some sponged-on white-tips). I think that would be great.

I’d like to paint this room as well but I am again at a loss of ideas. Suggestions? Our wonderful, dark-wood bedroom set will dominate the room. I plan on sewing a curtain to cover the “closet.”

The roof and floor of this porch have some water damage and need some work. The walls/paneling are just fine and will probably be left as is.

Hooray for lots of storage space!
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