Emily (only_em) wrote in starterhomehope,

My husband and I are looking to buy our first house. We found a beautiful A frame and the owners are asking 119500 that's a little out of our range. However, it needs a new roof, a new deck, new windows, a new countertop in the kitchen, extensive yardwork, the pool is disgusting and green and dirty (its been uncovered for god knows how long), and there is a hot tub but its in worse shape than the pool. Its obvious that the owners moved out fast and didn't clean up any of the yard or make any menal improvements that may help it sell faster... for instance the air conditioner is wired badly and there is some sort of cord (we think ethernet) coming out of the second floor wall and just dangling. We want to make a really low offer to judge where they are and how desperate they are to sell. See what their counter offer is and go from there. We are thinking between 70 and 80 thousand. I'm thinking closer to 70, but my husband is willing to start at 80. I'm just worried that if we offer too low they won't deal with us. Does that ever happen? What do you think we should offer. What is your opinion? Please give us some advice. Any little bit of advice would help and be greatly appreciated.
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