tiger. (tigerforsale) wrote in starterhomehope,

Obsessed with your home??

Are you a home designer?? A home lover and home owner??

ARE YOU OBSESSED with SHELTER PORN such as Metropolitan Home, and Dwell, and home and garden?

ARE you a housewife, a real estate agent, a furniture sales person, an architect, a landlord, a multiple home owner, or a domestic diva with a unique understanding of the meaning of home?


I am currently working on my senior project which is a documentary about peoples obsession with real estate, home design, and places like IKEA. My mother is a real estate agent in California. and as long as I can remember I have been dragged to sunday open houses, as she was quite fascinated with not only the market, but seeing how other people lived. She now redesigns houses and spends all of her time looking a tile, or fancy kitchens, or modernist fixtures. New modern ideas of home are bare, abstract, rational I suppose, that they seem soanonymous that it seems totally inapprorpatie as personal space where inhabitants could ever feel "at home". I am interested in the ideal of dwelling, and peoples
interaction with the process and preoccupation of property. People around me seem to have addictions to places like ikea, crate and barrel, the container store, design within reach.. and other stores that sell the option of organizing your disorganized life. Our homes and possessions seems to become the surrogate mothers for our fears, dreams and desires and I would like to explore how and why that information is embedded in the meaning of those things.

And I would like to explore any or all such ideas: the house structure, its material components, and the complex range of narratives embodied by its physical space.

I would like to bring together a variety of people from a variety of different histories to talk about anything from home as ideology, the modern machine home of consumer leisure, domesticity, martha steward living, ikea, home movies, domesticity and gender, home design, architecture, and the list can go on and on and on.

If any of this sounds interesting to you.. please contact me. I would love to share thoughts.

thank you,

Katie B Brody
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